NWDC has changed their name to Northwest ICE Processing Center, but has their behavior changed? Read a recent testimonial from someone inside the Detention Center.

“They said that they treat detainees humanely but they yell at us like children. When there is any confrontation, they don’t solve the problem until there is actually a fight.

Foods have mold (eggs)and bugs inside the food. Majority of the foods are beans and bread. “Top Ramen is a hit” because there is nothing else to eat. Plus it costs $0.57/ top ramen while we only get paid $1/day

To see medical, we have to go at 5am to go to “sick call”. There is no kite or way to just ask questions to medical provider. If we don’t make to sick call, we have to wait for the next day. The doctors don’t even do anything about it whenever we go to…

ICE don’t come to see detainees as they supposed to come every Wednesday or Thursday. We haven’t seen them for 2 weeks. If they come, they come very early in the morning 9am and don’t even announce it

They keep saying that this is “detention center” but they treat us like criminals in jail/prison.

Lights don’t go out at night. Our bodies can’t rest because it doesn’t recognize that it’s night time.

There is no program or anything for detainees to do. We get locked down 24 hours a day with nothing to do. We have to fight for TV cuz we don’t have our own TV. In prison, we allow to buy our own TV which helps to reduce any confrontation or argument. Things that allow to have in prison don’t allow here.”

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