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ICE-Free Zone Flyers

Check out our ICE Free Zone posters, download them on our Press page! 

Happy #MamasDay from the NWDC Resistance

13173433_1169003113132917_7347096096926864421_oAs we celebrate Mother's Day, we reflect on the US immigration policy that separates mothers from their families. We want to see an end to deportations and an end to detention. We want to see our families together and thriving. So NWDC Resistance teamed up with CultureStrikePresente.orgForward Together,and Strong Families to deliver Mamas Day Cards to Mamas inside the Northwest Detention Center.

The Mamas Day Project started in 2011 to create cards that reflect the various ways our mamas and families look, including a spectrum of gender, race, income, sexual orientation, immigration status, and more. This year NWDCR teamed up with the Mamas Day Project and took those cards in to the Northwest Detention Center and delivered to Mamas inside.

For more on Mamas Day, click here

DUMP TRUMP, Lynden Washington Style. 

13173769_1104888556234790_4404468441799059502_nOn Saturday May 7th, 2016 we participated in a blockade on a hot road in Lynden, Washington that lead to where a Donald Trump rally was to take place. Over a dozen Latinx, Native American, and white Washington residents risked arrest blocking traffic to two main roads in Lynden, Washington during a Donald Trump Rally with “Make Lynden Coast Salish Again” banners.

"As someone who has grown up in Washington, today I am putting my body on the line to stop fascism from taking over our country. Today I am fighting for my mom, for my Native American neighbors and friends, and anyone who has been the target of hatred whether it comes from Trump or the local police. The residents of Lynden today have a chance to stand with us and reject hate,” said Josefina Mora, 18, one of the participant’s of today’s action.."

Call to Action: Justice for Padilla! Demand Angel Padilla's immediate release from the NWDC and full access to medical records so he can get the urgent surgery he needs to survive!

angel grad

Angel Padilla is being detained at the NWDC without access to the healthcare his life depends on. Desperately in need of a major surgery for a cancerous tumor in his left kidney, Padilla waits in an immigration detention center that does not and will not provide adequate health care. Take action now and demand that Angel Padilla is released immediately, that he be given full access to medical files, and that his deportation be stopped altogether. 

Padilla is one of 1,500+ detainees in the Northwest Detention Center exposed to human rights violations on a daily basis. Many who are detained not only have health care needs that are not met, but are often put in solitary confinement instead of being provided with adequate health care. This needs to stop!

Learn more about his story here:

Take Action Now!
1) Call the Seattle ICE Field Office Director Nathalie Asher: (206) 835-0058

Suggested script: “Hello, I’m calling about the detention of Mr. Padilla (A 092 721 003), a 39-year-old man currently detained at the Northwest Detention Center. In December 2015, a CAT scan detected a cancerous tumor in his left kidney. Mr. Padilla’s health is deteriorating in detention and on February 19 he was rushed to the hospital after collapsing in his cell. I’m aware Mr. Padilla has a conviction from 1996, but I also know he has taken the steps to atone for his actions. I urge you to use prosecutorial discretion and release Mr. Padilla from immigration detention, so he can receive the medical attention he needs to survive.”

2) Sign the petition and demand: Justice for Angel! Click here to sign the petition and join NWDC Resistance and the #Not1More Campaign in sending a message to ICE officials.

People's Tribunal Against the Tacoma Immigration Prison aka Northwest Detention Center 2/6/2016 at the NWDC

for more information:

#SHUTDOWNICE ACTION 9/21/2015 at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington


For press about this action visit our Press page. 

Diverse coalition of activists risk arrest to stop immigrant deportations, call for immediate end to detentions. Community members lock down for what has become a global human rights issue

September 21, 2015, at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington, more than 20 community members locked down to prevent the morning's deportation buses from leaving the privately run facilities.

The goal was not only to prevent the day's immigrant deportations, but also to protest the criminalization and scapegoating of immigrants, highlight the moral injustice of privately-run for-profit detention centers and their collaboration with the local police departments creating a road to detention, and call for an end to all immigrant deportations and detentions.

Banners spread next to protesters read "Climate Justice means Ending Deportations" "Queers Demand and End to Detention" and "Not1More", speaking to how immigration is an environmental issue and  issue of gender justice.

"Climate change is resulting in worsening drought and super-storm conditions which displace millions across the globe. These climate refugees will number 200 million by 2050. World leaders and communities across the U.S. need to end these unjust deportations and commit to policies that stop climate change." said Jill Mangaliman, one of the protesters locked down today and executive director of Got Green.

Members of TWAC (Trans and/or Women Action Camp) carried signs protesting ICE's controversial practice of placing transgender detainees in solitary confinement. While transgender women only make up 1 out of 500 detained immigrants in this country, they make up an alarming 1 out of every 5 confirmed sexual assaults in immigration detention.

Participants of the day's blockade, which included Rising Tide Seattle, the Raging Grannies, and other groups fighting for climate justice, economic justice, reproductive justice, worker rights, and more, vow to keep returning to the detention center for future actions as long as unjust detentions and deportations continue.

Watch clips here!

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Meet Some of the Folks Who Locked Down & Why

Jill_cropped_250 “I’m here to end deportations because I want  a world where families can stay together and people be treated humanely . I have family and friends impacted by this unhealthy, violent system of detaining and disposing of communities in the name of profits. Then from super typhoon Haiyan to Hurricane Katrina, to the wildfires and drought here and around the world, people of color are bearing the brunt of environmental racism and displacement from their homes. I want to see justice for all the migrants who have been forced to migrate because of the damage to their homelands caused by this destructive economy. Privatization, market-based solutions are false solutions!   Climate justice means ending deportations and detentions.” – Jill Mangaliman
 yecelica_200 “As a queer Xicano of Mexican diaspora and a child of an immigrant, I feel personally connected to the importance of stopping and ending detentions. Stopping detentions is queer and gender justice because there are so many trans and queer people who are detained who experience transphobic and homophobic targeting within the system and who aren't getting proper/gender affirming care. No one should be detained and no one is illegal.” - Yecelica Valdiva
Josefina_cropped_250 “I’m participating in this action for my mom who is undocumented, and for all the children of undocumented parents that are separated from their families because of this unjust system. “ -Josefina Mora
Maru_cropped_250 “I decided to do another direct action to stop detentions and deportation with the possibility of risking arrest and deportation because I believe the federal and local authorities continue cooperating to criminalize our communities of color.While we are here outside organizing to bring light to this violation of human rights, this private prison is at capacity, thousands of people are there waiting to be deported, separated from their loved ones, living infra-humane conditions just so Geo corporation can make more profits and ICE meets their daily quota.We have to end this corruption and it has to end now!” - Maru Mora Vilalpando
Dean_300 "I am participating in this action because I want to support the movement to end deportations. We don't need borders or prisons. Our action is one small part of a dynamic, growing movement to stop the violence of immigration enforcement." - Dean Spade
 Elizabeth_cropped_250 "I am doing this work because we need to understand why people migrate in the first place. Everything is connected. Everything. Environmental justice is connected to food justice is connected to reproductive justice, racial justice, gender justice is connected to immigrant rights. " - Elizabeth Ortega
Ross_Cropped_250_310 "I am risking arrest as a Jew, whose family has survived the horrors of being targets of the state. I am alive today because of immigration, and therefore I cannot in good conscious be idle while this country, and corporations like Geo Group, profit from the targeting, detention, and deportation of people in our community." - Ross Kirshenbaum
Mano_cropped_250 "I'm participating in the Deportation Resistance because my identity grants me the privilege to avoid being targeted for an ignorant kind of xenophobia that is maintained by hatred." - Emanuel da Silva
Cynthia_cropped_2502 "I am very concerned with how we are treating immigrants in this country and am here to bring attention to the plight of those who are being separated from their families.  My grandparents came to this country from Eastern Europe without documents and were treated well.  I am ashamed that this is happening in my country." - Cynthia Linet
Sean Oniel "We are engaging in a powerful action against a violent system - it is the same government that is responsible for displacing communities around the world (via economic and military policy) and then criminalizing them when entering U.S. borders. And as a white citizen committed to racial justice, I'm hopeful my participation in this action will inspire more white people to join the multiracial, undocumented-led movement for migrant justice." - Sean O'Neill
 Jenny “I am participating in this demonstration and risking arrest to demand an end to immigrant detention and deportations. No one is illegal and no one should be criminalized for migrating. I'm showing up to call for justice and to honor the dignity of everyone impacted by our cruel immigration system.” - Jenny McIntosh
Max Black “I’m here in solidarity with the Northwest Detention Center because deportation is part of a larger system of oppression built to remove valuable lives of color from the community. Deportation is racist. Drop the borders.” – Max Black
 Sage_Ridenour_200 “I’m here with Twac (Trans and/or Women Action Camp) locking down in solidarity with the Northwest Detention Center Resistance. I’m here in solidarity with the movement to abolish detention centers and end deportations. “ – Sage Ridenour
Joe_200 “I am taking part in this work to support all the organizing being down, tirelessly and passionately, by migrants and their supporters across the land. Migrant justice now! Let’s end the cruel fiction of borders, let’s end incarceration and deportation, let’s make a more just and open world!” - Joe Hiller
 Hollis_200 “I am participating in this action to remind the detainees that they are not alone. That they have strangers and friends on the outside that still care about their lives and their families, and are outraged by the injustices that they face.” – Hollis Proffitt

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NWDC Resistance 

We are thrilled to be working with 1Love Movement in this action to continue working to end detentions and deportations. Join us in Tacoma! #Not1More #Right2Return ... See MoreSee Less


August 5, 2016, 5:00pm

JOIN US, as organizers, activists, fighters and believers from around the country and across WA, converge in Tacoma to rally for love, family, and community at Northwest Detention Center! We believe ...

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On July 11th 2016, a multi-racial group of prisoners in Ely State Prison went on Hunger Strike to protest the conditions in Solitary confinement:
· Insufficient amounts of food
· The unit is too cold.
· Denying commissary and box orders
· Keeping prisoners in solitary even when they are eligible for release because the administration fears the prisoners would file grievances or lawsuits.
· Guards antagonizing racial divides to encourage racialized violence.

UPDATE: 2 Prisoners remain on hunger strike. A couple of the other prisoners may be put back into general population but the conditions have not changed significantly for all of the prisoners. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT.

The administration has stopped weighing the prisoners, even though they are required to.

Chris Gonzalez lost 20 pounds from the time he entered solitary and the day he started his hunger strike.

Please call the administration and pressure them to comply with these demands.
Renee Baker, Warden
Mike Byrne, Associate Warden
William Gittere, Associate Warden
P.O. Box 1989
4569 North State Rt.
Ely, Nevada 89301
(775) 289-8800
The Prisoners risking their health and lives are:


Christopher Gonzalez

This is literally a life and death situation; please do what you can to support.

Sample Script:
"I'm calling because I'm concerned with the current conditions and treatment of people inside ESP (Ely State Prison). This involves inmates who are participation in a hunger strike with humanitarian demands for the basics needs of life. We fear their concerns are being ignored and want to ensure that their grievances are seriously considered and that their modest demands are met. Those demands include:

-2,500 calories on each day with adequate food portions.
-If write-up free, the ability to buy appliances every 60 days.

-To go to the barber two times a week.

-To be able to purchase clothes, hygiene, and food from commissary.

-Warmer temperatures in their unit.
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#WallOffTrump ... See MoreSee Less

From the #RNCinCLE to wherever hate appears, we can #WallOffTrump. Watch Tania Unzueta's closing speech after shutting down the main entrance to the Republican Convention in Cleveland.

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Movimiento seguimos bien vivos. NOT ONE MORE. ... See MoreSee Less

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Gracias por su SOLIDARIDAD , somos muchos y seremos mas. NOT ONE MORE. ... See MoreSee Less

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Bienvenidos a una lucha justa, somos muchos y seremos mas. NO UN@ MAS. ... See MoreSee Less

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Katie bienvenida a una lucha justa, somos muchos y seremos mas. NI UNO MAS. ... See MoreSee Less

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Our compañera Angelica Guillen passed away but her spirit keeps on fighting for justice. We remember her being present with us at the numerous actions outside the detention center. She will always be our compañera de lucha! Hasta siempre Angelica! ... See MoreSee Less

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Oregon Senator Ron Wyden introduced legislation yesterday that, if passed, would significantly weaken the for-profit prison industry, and free up hundreds of millions of dollars to reinvest in services that actually keep our communities safe. Corrections Corporation of America and GEO Group reported income of over $3.6 billion in 2015, almost all of which was tax free due to their status as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). The legislation may force them to forfeit their REIT status.

This comes at a time when Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders, among others, have publicly vowed to end the private prison industry, and some states are beginning to reject private prison contracts due to rampant abuses against the people in their care. As part of the growing movement against criminalization, Columbia University and the University of California have recently divested their endowments of private prison stock after pressure from students of color and the National Prison Divestment Campaign.

See the press release from Enlace below:


July 14, 2016

Amanda Aguilar Shank, Enlace, 503-660-8744
Benjamin Ndugga-Kabuye, Black Alliance for Just Immigration, 347-410-5312

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden introduces Bill to End Prison Tax Breaks
Legislation will weaken private prison industry, divest from criminalization

Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today introduced legislation that would limit the ability of private companies that operate prisons to take advantage of special tax rules for Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) -- U.S. corporations that invest in real estate. The Ending Tax Breaks for Private Prisons Act of 2016 would significantly weaken the for-profit prison industry, and free up millions of dollars that could be reinvested in services that actually keep our communities safe.

“I am very concerned that the U.S. prison system has become a way for private enterprises to turn an unfair profit,” said Wyden. “Our broken down tax code has made this possible by allowing the private prison industry to take advantage of tax rules aimed at REITs. As part of rethinking our criminal justice system, particularly as it results in the mass incarceration of low-income and minority individuals, the tax rules for REITs must be changed so we are not encouraging companies to unjustly profit from prison detention services.”

In 2013, the IRS classified Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and GEO Group as Real Estate Investments Trusts (REITs), based on the companies’ claim that income received from local, state, and federal governments to incarcerate people was “real estate” income. The legislation introduced by Senator Wyden would clarify that much of this income is not in fact eligible for REIT status, as it goes towards operating costs like prison guards, healthcare, and food, not real estate.

Corrections Corporation of America and GEO Group reported income of over $3.6 billion in 2015, almost all of which was tax free due to their status as REITs.

The National Prison Divestment Campaign, convened by Enlace, began pushing to revoke prisons’ controversial REIT status in 2015, and has since gained widespread support from a public that is outraged by the targeting of Black and brown communities by local law enforcement and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the sprawling incarceration system that private prisons operate within.

“Ending taxpayer subsidies for private prisons is part of a larger necessary effort to end private prisons entirely, and to end the criminalization and hyper-incarceration of communities of color and immigrants in the US,” said Amanda Aguilar Shank, Senior Campaign Organizer with Enlace. “We are looking forward to Congress taking this issue up as one solution in the era of over-policing and over-incarceration of our communities, and we honor Senator Wyden for the positive step he has taken towards ending private prisons.”

“The push, against private prisons is part of a broad disruption of the entire system of mass criminalization. This is only a beginning, “said Ben Ndugga-Kabuye, with the Black Alliance for Just Immigration. “The Prison Divestment campaign will continue to imagine a better world by divesting from all prisons, and every level of policing and criminalization and reinvesting our resources into the housing, healthcare, education and community based safety strategies that would actually make us safe.”

"The current system of for-profit prisons is immoral and this bill is a good first step to remedy the inherent problem,” said Flavia Jimenez, Sr. Attorney and Director of Immigrant Justice at Advancement Project, a national civil rights and racial justice organization. "It leaves thousands of people of color in the hands of corporations seeking to profit from the incarceration of parents, workers and siblings. In the immigrant community, these prisons target people who only have civil immigration issues, which underscores that they target anyone if it means they can turn a profit."

The Prison Divestment Campaign was convened by Enlace in 2011 in response to the role that private prisons play in the expansion of criminalization and incarceration of immigrants and people of color in the United States. The campaign has over 200 endorsers who represent immigrant, Black, LGBT, labor, and community groups.
The Ending Tax Breaks for Private Prisons Act of 2016 introduced today can be found here: (
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Centro Latino joins our campaign "Immigrants Welcome" and #ICEfreeZone ... See MoreSee Less

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We are standing in solidarity with FUJ and will continue until they sign a union contract. We will continue supporting their call to #BoycottDriscolls until they ask us to stop ... See MoreSee Less

Waiting outside while FUJ union leadership meets with Sakuma to discuss a fair, transparent and free of intimidation negotiation process that leads to a union contract

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True solidarity!!!! #BoycottDriscolls ... See MoreSee Less

Yesterday Driscoll's berries were denied loading on a boat in Seattle - this is because of the ILWU and their work last year for FUJ!

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